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The new Toxic Avenger argues that Peter Dinklage should do more comedy

Amazon to run ads on Prime Video shows as streaming services continue to devolve

Someone managed to beat Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom without visiting the Surface

Zenless Zone Zero is on track to be the game that finally pulls me into the Hoyoverse

Squid Game reality show has giant dolls and a massive prize

Like a Hurricane, the unofficial oral history of Street Fighter 2, is now on our merch shop

We’ve got a couple dozen Persona-themed gift ideas

Lord of the Rings’ studio is gently coming for my throat with ‘cosy Hobbit life’ game

Which of the Pickwick Triplets Did It?

Dungeons & Dragons comes to Minecraft in new DLC

Starfield fulfills the simple pleasure of loot

A Ubisoft sale clears the final obstruction for the Microsoft-Activision merger

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The must-watch anime to look out for in fall 2023

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The 18 most exciting video game releases of fall 2023

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A guide to the biggest shows ready to drop this fall

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Every major movie we’re watching out for this fall

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The 12 new sci-fi and fantasy books to grab this fall

Expend4bles has no more wishes to fulfill

One of Lance Reddick’s last movies is a fantastic-looking courtroom thriller

The best TV of 2023 so far

The best movies of 2023 so far

The best anime of 2023 so far

The best video games of the year so far

Oops, the Steam Deck is my only DVD player

Terraria devs donate $200K to open-source engines in wake of Unity changes

Sea of Thieves’ next season adds a safer game mode with no PvP enabled

The Lego Piranha Plant blooms this fall

The Nintendo logo sits inside a black, red, and cream-colored design.

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Nintendo now supports passwordless sign-ins

Watch these hidden horror gems in Peacock’s amazing Halloween movie collection

Studio Ghibli is getting bought by a Japanese TV station, but it isn’t losing independence

Fallout 76 heads to Atlantic City this winter with a new Expedition

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