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Denis Dyack addresses backers and responds to allegations

Silicon Knights and Precursor Games chief creative officer Denis Dyack has taken to YouTube to answer the concerns put forward by backers of its Shadow of the Eternals project and to respond to a Kotaku article published last year.

Precursor was formed by Dyack and a core group of former Silicon Knights employees. The company is raising funds to develop Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual successor to Silicon Knights' Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, through its own website and a Kickstarter campaign.

Last year, the studio purchased property from Silicon Knights, such as desks, chairs, computers and art assets. Epic Games attorneys, upon hearing of the sale, then filed legal motions last year that Silicon Knights' computers were wiped clean before they were sold.

Polygon then reported last week that the art assets Precursor Games purchased from Silicon Knights for use in Shadow of the Eternals were "significantly altered" to work in CryEngine 3.

Upon successful funding, Shadow of the Eternals is expected to be released as episodic content for PC and Wii U beginning 2014. For more information about Silicon Knights and Precursor Games relationship, read our report on the two companies.

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