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Nintendo's record of releasing Mario Kart games is pretty consistent

Eighteen months after the U.S. launch of Wii U, Nintendo is just about ready to release its newest game in the Mario Kart racing franchise.

Mario Kart 8 arrives on May 30, offering go-carting action for local and online multiplayer. For Nintendo, the launch of a Mario Kart game to bolster newish consoles has become a tried and tested strategy, as shown by this trailer, released today, which looks at the history of the franchise.

Super Mario Kart launched in North America in 1992 (the U.K.-sourced video names the European release date of 1993) one year after the arrival of the Super Nintendo. Mario Kart 64 came along in 1997, just five months after that console's launch. GameCube owners had to wait two years for Mario Kart Double Dash, which arrived in 2003. Mario Kart Wii was launched in 2008, 18 months after the console. Along the way, Nintendo has kept all its handheld machines stocked with go-carting Bowsers and Princess Peaches.

For a closer look at Mario Kart 8, especially the anti-gravity tracks, read Polygon's interview with director Kosuke Yabuki and producer Hideki Kono.

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