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Watch the new Legends of the Hidden Temple trailer from New York Comic Con

The made-for-TV movie premieres Nov. 26

The newest trailer for Legends of the Hidden Temple, Nickelodeon’s new TV movie based on its popular game show from the ‘90s, is here and full of Easter eggs for fans of the original show.

Unlike the original game show, the 90-minute movie follows three siblings — Sadie, Noah and Dudley — as they go head-to-head with a series of life-threatening obstacles following their decision to leave behind a boring jungle tour. Many of the challenges they’ll be tasked with overcoming are reminiscent of actual obstacle courses that appeared on the original show.

That’s not the only part of nostalgia that fans may appreciate, either. In the original series, the teams were given names that followed a specific theme — Green Monkey, Red Jaguar, Silver Snake, etc. While there won’t be any teams in the movie, the original names will be turned into literal beasts that the siblings happen across during their jungle mishap.

Legends of the Hidden Temple is set to premiere on Nov. 26 at 8 p.m. ET on Nickelodeon.

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