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Far Cry 5 artwork introduces us to a religious cult (update)

It’s your job to make it their Last Supper

Far Cry 5 - ‘Last Supper’ art Ubisoft

Far Cry 5 will tell the story of a militant Christian cult, if a piece of artwork released today by publisher Ubisoft is any indication.

There’s a lot to analyze in the image, which you can view in full below. It features seven characters arrayed around a table à la Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, with the central Christ figure wearing yellow-tinted hunting glasses and sitting in front of an open book. Five other bearded men and one woman — as well as a disembodied pair of hands — surround him. The table and ground beneath it are littered with weapons and ammunition, such as a tactical shotgun, a compound bow, assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.

Outfitted in flannel shirts with accessories like dog tags and lethal weapons, the men look like they’re part of a hillbilly militia. One of them has a wolf, or perhaps a dog breed that just looks like a wolf, leashed on a chain. The woman provides a contrast, with flowers in her hair and one in her hand. Of course, there’s one other person we haven’t talked about: the shirtless man sitting cross-legged on the ground, with his hands tied behind his back and the word “SINNER” written on, or carved into, his skin.

That brings us back to the religious elements of this artwork, which suggest that these individuals adhere to a perversion of Christianity. Next to the book, in front of the Jesus figure, you can see the elements of the Eucharist: a goblet of wine and a piece of bread. An American flag is draped over the table, except with the stars representing the 50 states replaced by a unique cross. The eight-pointed symbol resembles the Iron Cross, which became associated with the Nazis during World War II but has since been revived as a German military decoration.

The cross in Far Cry 5 appears on a flag, in white on a blue background, that these cultists fly above the American flag — a no-no, according to flag etiquette — on the grounds of a church. The same flag hangs from the church’s steeple, just like in the live-action teaser trailer that Ubisoft posted earlier this week to introduce Far Cry 5’s setting: the fictional Hope County, Montana.

There’s also some interesting stuff going on in the background. Two small airplanes — one with pontoons and another one hot on its tail, firing machine guns at it — are flying over a burning wooden building. Behind the church, you can see what appears to be a small town with a water tower, and there’s an antenna tower — perhaps for radio or cellular telephone signals — outside the town near a farm. And the majestic Rocky Mountains rise above the whole scene.

Of course, we should note that we have no idea whether these people are friends or antagonists in Far Cry 5’s story, although it’s hard to believe a big-budget, mass-market AAA video game would cast the player’s lot with menacing characters like these.

Far Cry 5 is set for release sometime before April 2018. Ubisoft will post a proper announcement trailer at 9 a.m. ET this Friday, May 26.

Correction: The German armed forces currently award military decorations that bear the Iron Cross, following a 2008 petition by German citizens to bring back the symbol in a form disassociated from its Nazi heritage. In addition, one of the weapons on the ground is a compound bow, not a crossbow. We’ve edited the article to reflect this.

Far Cry 5 - ‘Last Supper’ art Ubisoft

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