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The Area 51 raid is unlikely, but the jokes are still fire

What’s the worst that could happen?

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Today, the internet has been set ablaze by talk of a viral Facebook event that invites people to raid Area 51 together. As of this writing, nearly 500,000 people have said they’re attending the ill-advised occasion, with the host encouraging folks to “Naruto run” through the premises. “Lets see them aliens,” the post jokes.

Area 51 is an Air Force facility that has gained pop culture infamy as the place where the US government supposedly hides secrets, such as UFOs, aliens, and advanced technology. This is likely all rubbish, but even so, Area 51’s allure has remained over the years.

Given the flippant tone in the Facebook invite, this supposed raid of Area 51 is almost certainly just a huge goof. Everyone knows that military bases are a serious matter, and besides, efforts to visit the guarded base have been thwarted in the past. Many folks confess they have no real intention to show up.

Regardless, the joke has gone viral, and it’s prompting a number of memes around the web that make light of what people will find inside of Area 51. Games and nerd-related properties make heavy appearances here, which makes sense, given that we do like a good sci-fi.

Here are some of the best Area 51-related jokes we’ve seen around.

And just in case it’s unclear: Please don’t go to Area 51!

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