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What is Tim Meadows screaming in Hubie Halloween?

The inside joke came at the request of writer Tim Herlihy

tim meadows and maya rudolph in hubie halloween Photo: Scott Yamano/Netflix

Hubie Halloween isn’t the kind of movie that’s full of secrets or Easter eggs; the comedy, which stars Adam Sandler as a man trying to keep his hometown safe on Halloween, mostly goes for simple laughs. But there is one question that doesn’t have an easy answer.

When Tim Meadows’ character in Hubie Halloween is startled, he lets out a yell that sounds an awful lot like an actual word rather than just a shriek. Netflix’s subtitles, however, just brand it a scream. To get to the bottom of the mystery, Polygon asked Meadows directly as to what he’s yelling.

“I’m glad to tell you the story — I said, ‘Schnike,’” Meadows revealed, expressing his own bewilderment at the word. “I even asked those guys, like, ‘You want me to say — I have to say this?’”

According to Meadows, the word was just something that writer Tim Herlihy thought was funny to yell when a character was scared, though Meadows also speculated that it might be a Chris Farley reference. In the end, however: “I said it just for his pleasure, basically. That was only for Tim Herlihy.”

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