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Animal Crossing fans are making great turnip storage solutions

Gotta put these root vegetables somewhere

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An Animal Crossing villager stands in the middle of a self-made turnip field. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Twitter/@nanase__game

The Stalk Market returns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, allowing players to buy turnips for a low Bell price and then, hopefully, sell the veggies back at a higher price. Most players buy hundreds, if not thousands of turnips in the hopes of striking it rich. So it��s particularly bizarre that Nintendo doesn��t allow players to actually use the game��s built-in storage to house all of these items.

All houses come with storage, which can be upgraded �� but no matter what you do, turnips can��t go there. So, nearly everyone I know now has a devoted ��turnip room�� that��s a space dedicated to tossing your turnips down until you can sell them. Some are even filling up their beaches, or creating gated areas that other players can��t breach to protect their investment.

Some players, however, are going even further than this. Rather than just filling up existing rooms with turnips, or having a bland turnip room, they��re creating bespoke turnip storage areas that work with the theme. Some play up the natural aspect, others pretend to have a treasure room, and others get a little weird with it.

Not all turnip storage options are indoors, however. Some players are making use of the island grounds to put away their investments.

But my favorite turnip trend has to be the one where players are making use of patterns to make it appear as if they��ve got a garden or turnip crop outside. After all, if you have to look at the turnips for extended periods of time, it might as well look nice!

You can even download the dirt pattern featured at the top of this post, which was created by Twitter user @nanase__game. It��s a particularly impressive solution, as the player turns cushions into seed sacks. Those sacks are paired with items such as the scarecrow and a sapling to sell the whole idea.

These are all clever solutions to a widespread issue, but the game doesn��t reward you for it. Instead, New Horizons interprets turnips on the ground as you cluttering the island with trash, which can then downgrade your island rating. It sucks!

So, it might be that having a dedicated room is your best option for turnip storage ... unless Nintendo decides to patch a better solution. The Japanese developer has been pretty responsive to player complaints so far, so here��s hoping things will change.

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