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The first Star Trek: Strange New Worlds teaser brings Captain Pike back into action

The franchise digs deep into old, familiar characters for its new pre-Kirk prequel

CBS Studios has released the first teaser for the newest star in its constellation of Star Trek shows: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, starring Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, James T. Kirk’s predecessor as commander of the USS Enterprise. Mount previously played Pike in Star Trek: Discovery, though the character was first introduced in the original Star Trek pilot in 1966.

The brief teaser shows Pike, in isolation on a snowy Earth, being called back into service — presumably to Starfleet. “Our first visit from the stars is always the province of children’s stories and science fiction until one day, it isnt,” says a monologue over flashes of, what else, a series of strange new worlds.

The new series joins Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Prodigy, and Star Trek: Picard as Trek series streaming exclusively on Paramount Plus. In addition to Mount reprising his version of Pike, Discovery’s Rebecca Romijn will return to play first officer “Number One,” and Ethan Peck will return to play Spock. Other familiar Star Trek: The Original Series characters will also return with new actors. Celia Rose Gooding will play Nyota Uhura, a character first embodied by Nichelle Nichols, and Jess Bush will play Christine Chapel, originally portrayed by the late Majel Barrett. The series will premiere on May 5.

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