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Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu smut market is already out of control

It’s only going to get worse from here

Artwork of Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village Image: Capcom

Resident Evil Village is almost here, and everyone will be able to get their hands on the full game on May 7. As we get closer to that date, the Lady Dimitrescu hype has reached critical mass. (If you’ve been out of the loop, Lady Dimitrescu is the game’s Mr. X equivalent. She’s very tall, the internet wants her to step on them, and she’s completely taken over the hype train for Village.)

But Lady Dimitrescu thirst may be working against Capcom in one instance. If you search Amazon for “Resident Evil Village,” you’re going to see a whole lot of explicit artwork of Lady D and nude photos of real-world models.

Some people have reported that the game itself is completely absent (you have to search “Resident Evil 8” or “Resident Evil 8 Village” if you want to see the actual game in your search results). Searching for “Resident Evil Village” on Amazon serves up plenty of risqué and pornographic images of Lady Dimitrescu on posters, phone cases, and mouse pads. Be careful searching this yourself; it’s a clear cut case of NSFW content.

Don’t expect the Lady D train to slow down any time soon. Fans have managed to rip her model and textures from Resident Evil Village, which means that they can import her into modeling software and create short scenes using programs like Source FilmMaker.

Right now, the model is fully clothed, so people are using it for wholesome memes. For instance, check out this sick dunk from Lady D.

Modelers and artists are hard at work, and they’re no doubt working on a version of Lady D without the dress. (Hopefully, she gets to keep the hat and heels.) Once that’s done and distributed to the public, it’s absolutely over. It’ll be the era of Alcina Dimitrescu, and we’re all just living in it.

Resident Evil Village will be available on Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. I hear it stars some guy called Ethan, and a big Chris Redfield ... but it looks like the internet doesn’t care too much about either of them right now.

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