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Animal Crossing fans are making incredible fortresses with new castle items

No more using silos

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update villager Shino standing inside a massive fan-built castle. Image: Nintendo via Thorin_ACNH
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ 2.0 update has come with a deluge of new features — including a massive number of new items that players are only beginning to uncover. A few additions have already have a huge splash in the design community. These include beautiful items like pergolas and gazebos; actual car items (players had been using the race car bed); oddball choices like a dummy, which lays on the floor; and, of course, the beloved Froggy Chair.

But fans immediately pointed one key item in the update. There’s finally an actual castle tower available for purchase with Nook Miles, along with a castle gate, walls, and others in a suite of items that make castle design much easier.

While autumnal and cottage-themed designs represent a solid corner of New Horizons designer taste, there’s an equally vocal group of fans who have always focused on medieval and castle builds. Fans had been making castles in Animal Crossing since the game’s release in 2020. But without actual castle items, creative players made do with other workarounds. These ran the gamut, and cobblestone flooring, as well as medieval looking fence types were common features. Silos (purchased with Nook Miles) were also popular as ramparts, placed near residences and color customized to create a castle aesthetic. Players also used strategically placed banners, bridges, and suits of armor.

The fallow days of workarounds are over! And fans are already using these new castle items to stunning effect, creating fortresses and medieval towns.

Players are incorporating bridges and inclines — the number players can have has increased from eight to 10, thanks to the update — to create depth and levels to these castles.

Plenty of players are using these items to create fortresses around their favorite villagers’ homes — on their core island, and in the Happy Home Paradise DLC — similar to the way players had incorporated silos in villager yards.

Favorite design so far: Melba's fairy tale castle! Also my first simple panel build from AnimalCrossing

While others are recreating settings from their favorite films and games.

Bowser's Castle from AnimalCrossing
Finally having proper Hogwarts castle!!! Let's go! from AnimalCrossing
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And with the addition of farming, in the 2.0 update, some players are simply combining silos and castle towers, to create scenes that bring together old and new.

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