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Summer 2022 marks a return to scheduling basics for movies and TV. After years of delays, we’re now merely weeks away from watching blockbusters on the big and small screens: films like Top Gun: Maverick and Thor: Love and Thunder, and series like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon. But you won’t have to subsist strictly on popcorn fare; this summer’s offerings also include new movies from Jordan Peele and David Cronenberg, as well as the returns of some of the best TV shows of the last year.

Meanwhile, comic book and games releases have been a bit more reliable in These Times, and we can look forward to turning the pages of Clementine: Book One, Hellfire Gala, and Batman #125, as well as camping out with Diablo Immortal, Sonic Origins, and Saints Row.

We know that’s a lot to wade through, which is why the Polygon staff has put together a Summer preview package that highlights the most exciting and intriguing titles on the horizon. We’ve got lists that’ll help you make the most of venturing to a movie theater or streaming from home, and prepare you for the onslaught of new TV, games, and comics. Whether you’re enjoying the air conditioning at home or abroad, we’ve got your needs covered this summer.

Illustration: Jinhwa Jang