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Saints Row’s full character creator released free on all platforms

Saints Row Boss Factory will let you share your design

Maddy Myers has run Polygon’s games section since 2020 as deputy editor. She has worked in games journalism since 2007, at Kotaku, The Mary Sue, and the Boston Phoenix.

Volition’s upcoming reboot of Saints Row, titled simply Saints Row, won’t be available until Aug. 23 — but you can go ahead and design your character right now. Saints Row Boss Factory is a pre-release download that’s now available on all platforms, concurrent with its announcement at Thursday’s Summer Game Fest livestream.

The forthcoming installment in the action-adventure open-world series will be available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, and Saints Row Boss Factory is available on those platforms as well. The characters created in Boss Factory can be used in Saints Row once it’s out, but you can show them off before then. Each character will have a unique code to identify them, allowing players to share the look they designed — even across platforms.

Volition has already revealed tons of information about the depth of Saints Row’s character customization, which allows for multiple body types (including prosthetic limbs), hairstyles, and skin tones, including both natural colors and more vibrant hues and metallic textures. Saints Row will also include the option for asymmetrical face designs, like a tattoo or a scar or lipstick smear on just one side. And, of course, there are plenty of makeup palettes and outfits to sort through as well.

Then there are the options for weapons and vehicles, also included in Boss Factory. (You wouldn’t be much of a Saints Row boss without wheels and a gun, apparently.) You can transform ordinary objects like foam finger-guns into high-powered blasters, and you can add rainbow rims or a flaming paint job to your getaway car.