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Rejoice, Chainsaw gang, there’s finally a new chapter of Chainsaw Man

Have you heard of Chainsaw Man? Guess what his deal is.

Chainsaw man in a white shirt soaked with blood, in the anime Image: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s gory manga about a man named Denji who gains the power to turn into chainsaws (it makes sense I promise) has finally returned after a two-year hiatus. Chapter 98, the beginning of Part 2, is now live on Shonen Jump.

One of the best Shonen Jump series in recent memory, the Chainsaw Man’s return is riding a new wave of hype, as it will soon be accompanied by a hotly-anticipated (and horrifically gorgeous-looking) anime adaptation from Studio MAPPA, the legendary shop behind current anime hit Jujutsu Kaisen and fan-favorite Yuri!!! on Ice.

There’s currently no release date for the Chainsaw Man anime but you can expect something soon. Meanwhile, new chapters of the Chainsaw Man manga will be released every Tuesday. And hey, if you’ve never decided to give it a shot, now’s the perfect time. It’s not every day you get a story about a guy who can turn his limbs into chainsaws. That’s art, baby.

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