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Citizen Sleeper’s first DLC chapter arrives in two weeks

‘Flux’ kicks off a three-episode arc expanding on the cyberpunk RPG’s story

A narrative panel from the turn-based RPG Citizen Sleeper.
A narrative panel from the turn-based RPG Citizen Sleeper.
Image: Jump Over the Age/Fellow Traveler
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Citizen Sleeper, the turn-based role-playing game that launched on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox Game Pass in May, will get the first of three planned DLC episodes on July 28 at noon EDT.

Titled Flux, the first episode will begin a story that plays out over all three free DLC chapters. The second one is so far planned to launch in October. A statement Tuesday from developer Jump Over the Age (aka Gareth Damian Martin) and publisher Fellow Traveler says Flux will introduce new characters and expand on Citizen Sleeper’s narrative and larger realm, the Helion System.

In Citizen Sleeper, players are pursued by a dystopian megacorporation that has scheduled their body for “planned obsolescence.” Waking up on a derelict space station called Erlin’s Eye, players pick one of three classes and role-play their way through building a new life, with new allies, while preserving their old one.

Flux’s new characters include Eshe and Peake, captain and crewmember of the Climbing Briar, respectively. “The player will get to know more about them as they make a plan to get much needed relief through the quarantine to the refugee flotilla,” Tuesday’s news release said.

Citizen Sleeper launched May 5 on Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. It’s a Polygon Recommends selection, and our review says its greatest strength “is to untether me from concrete objectives and let me exist without a reason.” It has earned widespread critical acclaim since, including an “overwhelmingly positive” reputation from user-scored reviews on Steam.

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