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Disney teams up with Cookie Run: Kingdom for a new collaboration

The company teased the news on Tuesday night

an image of gingerbrave holding up a candy cane for cookie run: kingdom art Image: Devsisters
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Disney is sprinkling some of its magic dust on the confection-fueled world of Cookie Run: Kingdom. Devsisters, the creators of the popular free-to-play mobile game, teased an upcoming collaboration with Disney late Tuesday night. The details are scant for now, but the official Twitter account said that more information would be “coming soon.”

“A very peculiar Cookie Cutter has been discovered!” said a tweet Tuesday night. The account posted the message along with an image showing a cookie cutout in the shape of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile game where you fight as cookies and build a town. Although it’s popular, it’s not exactly known for getting buckets of brand collaborations. Prior to this announcement, one of its most notable collaborations was a special event with Sega that brought official Sonic and Tails cookie characters to the game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom utilizes a free-to-play gacha model, meaning people can gamble to try their odds at unlocking specific characters. This isn’t the first time Disney has moved into the gacha space. Another game, Disney Twisted-Wonderland, uses a gacha model to allow players to unlock anime boys. That franchise got an English localization in early 2022 and is also getting a Disney Plus anime.

Again, details are still scant, but if this collaboration is anything like the one with Sega, it’s possible we’ll get some Disney-themed levels and quests, along with playable cookie-themed versions of popular characters like Mickey Mouse.

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