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MultiVersus patch notes want you to know that Taz is too powerful

Also Bugs Bunny needs to chill out

Taz, the Tasmanian Devil, slobbers uncontrollably in an animated trailer for MultiVersus Image: Player First Games/Warner Bros. Games
Joshua Rivera (he/him) is an entertainment and culture journalist specializing in film, TV, and video game criticism, the latest stop in a decade-plus career as a critic.

Patch notes — the logs of changes developers make in each update of a game — are often very funny. Sometimes this is on purpose, as a way to spice up very dry and technical information. But other times, that information is just innately comedic, because it’s funny to see developers dryly note that, for example, Bugs Bunny is simply too powerful and something must be done about that.

This is what it feels like to read the patch notes for MultiVersus, the new Smash Bros.-style fighting game featuring characters from across Warner Bros.’ expansive catalogue. In its first big patch, which most notably added NBA and Space Jam star LeBron James, the game also made the usual host of balance tweaks a fighting game needs, and they are loads of fun to read.

Specifically, the character-specific notes are a blast. For example, this update on Bugs:

Air Up Attack: Startup window increased by 2 frames, active window decreased by 2 frames

The hitbox made it so that Bugs Bunny hit nearly all around himself. This should make the up air a bit more reasonable to deal with.

Or this one about Taz:

Air/Ground Side Special:

If you have been following early access, Taz’s Tornado has been dominating his character kit and presenting a non-obvious knowledge check for newer players. By reducing its effectiveness we hope to improve his gameplay health and loop and bring the game to a healthier state for newer players.

Or this body-shamey head-scratcher about Velma:

Weight: reduced from 70 to 63

It was an oversight on our part that Velma is one of the heaviest characters in the game. This change should bring her more in-line with where we originally envisioned her.

You don’t need to necessarily play MultiVersus to appreciate these updates on Warner Bros. characters, and currently, it’s not entirely possible that you can. While the game’s open beta has launched for all players as of today, reports indicate that the game’s servers have almost immediately been taken offline for maintenance as the free-to-play game has proven quite popular.

Let’s hope that, when people are actually able to log on, Taz isn’t too much of a problem for them — although it would be quite consistent with his brand.