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The new Owl House episode is available on YouTube

Luz, Amity, and the rest of the witches try to get back to the Boiling Isles

Season 3 of The Owl House premiered on Disney Channel this past Saturday — but if you missed it airing live, there’s some good news: The full special is available on the official Disney Channel YouTube channel, at least in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia (sorry, Canadians!).

Titled “Thanks to Them,” the 45-minute special is the first of three episodes that will conclude the epic witchy story. Despite critical acclaim and a passionate fanbase, The Owl House notoriously did not get a full third-season order. But even with the limitations of a shorter season, The Owl House is still stellar. In fact, this episode showcases just how brilliant the show is, packing emotional character beats with driving plot action and a touch of slice-of-life shenanigans that gets to the heart of the show. It’s just fun to see the witches interacting with the human world, especially after two seasons of Luz being dazzled by them magical Boiling Isles.

Season 3 kicks off with plucky Luz and her group of witch friends back in the human world. They’re stranded and while Luz’s big-hearted mother Camila has no problem taking them all in, they’re desperate to get back to the Boiling Isles — especially since when they left, a mysterious chaotic entity known as the Collector had taken over.

The remaining two episodes are set to air sometime in 2023. The first two seasons of The Owl House are available on Disney Plus.

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