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Destiny fans mourn the loss of Lance Reddick

Guardians flock to the Tower to honor Commander Zavala

Destiny 2 campaign - Zavala defending Tower during Cabal invasion Image: Bungie
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Fans are mourning the untimely death of Lance Reddick, the actor with roles in the John Wick franchise, The Wire, Bosch, and Fringe. There’s been an outpouring of tributes and remembrances on social media, both from admirers of Reddick’s work, and the actors who worked with him.

But Destiny players are mourning Reddick’s passing in a different way, by visiting his character, Commander Zavala, en masse in the Tower in Destiny 2. Players are hugging, saluting, or simply sitting in silence side-by-side in the game’s main social space, offering tributes to the character and the man who voiced him.

Destiny players have a deep connection to Reddick’s Zavala. He’s been with them, serving as the Titan Vanguard, since the beginning. For many longtime Destiny players (Titan-class players in particular), Reddick’s been a daily presence in their gaming lives for nearly a decade. Zavala is crucial to the story of Destiny, and an ever-present figure in the Tower. It’s not clear how, or even if, Bungie will replace Reddick as Zavala, or whether Zavala as a character will continue to be a presence in Destiny 2.

Bungie published a statement Friday evening paying tribute to Reddick, saying, “His love for our community shined through in Commander Zavala, in his uncompromising dedication to his craft, and out of the radiating kindness that touched those around him.”

For now, here’s how Destiny players and Bungie employees are paying tribute to the late actor.

Update: We’ve updated this story with Bungie’s statement on Lance Reddick’s death.

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