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Nintendo announces a surprise 1-2-Switch sequel

But will there be another milking minigame?

A title card for Everybody 1-2-Switch, featuring an assortment of enthusiastic people playing the party game with Joy Con Controllers and also mobile devices. At the center, is a figure in a horse mask and a purple sparkly suit. In one hand they hold a red Joy Con and in the other, a mobile phone. The background is a purple and orange gradient. The title “Everybody 1-2-Switch!”” is written below. Image: Nintendo
Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

1-2-Switch, the party game that launched with the Nintendo Switch back in 2017, is getting a sequel — and really, really soon. On Thursday night, Nintendo announced Everybody 1-2-Switch! would launch on June 30.

The original 1-2-Switch received mixed reviews, but became one of the best-selling games on the platform during its first year. 1-2-Switch features 28 minigames which make use of the console’s Joy-Con controller capabilities, as well as audio cues – including the infamous “milking” minigame. Most of the games involve two players.

A sequel to 1-2-Switch was announced last year, but apparently it was so poorly received by play-testing groups that it was delayed. Everybody 1-2-Switch! is priced at just $30 — less than the $50 of its predecessor. Everybody 1-2-Switch! will let players connect to the games via smart devices, similar to the Jackbox Party Pack series, which means you can have more players than Joy-Cons participating in the game.

There is no trailer yet for Everybody 1-2 -Switch!, but the description on the Nintendo eShop promises balloons and aliens. The jury is still out on whether this version includes a milking game. Everybody 1-2-Switch! launches June 30.

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