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Minecraft’s newest update arrives, introducing a chill cherry-blossom biome

Find an egg and hatch a loyal Sniffer to find rare seeds

Minecraft - A shot of the new cherry blossom biome, which shows bees buzzing beneath lush pink leaves in a lovely forest. Image: Mojang
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A new patch is out for Minecraft today on both Java and Bedrock editions. Trails and Tales, also known as the patch 1.20 update, introduces the cherry-blossom biome, new bookshelves, and signs for cozy cottage aesthetics, the archeology profession, camels, and a new creature named the Sniffer.

Mojang first announced Trails & Tales in February, then tested the update on Java snapshots and Bedrock betas. The marquee feature of the update is the new biome. Cherry-blossom trees give a new type of wood, which can be turned into lovely pale-pink planks. Pigs, bees, and sheep spawn in this peaceful biome, which makes it a great place to set up a base.

Archeology is another big feature that will take players to desert biomes in search of ancient ruins. Suspicious sand patches hide pottery shards and other useful objects. You may even find Sniffer eggs, which are the only way to acquire one of these curious beasts. A Sniffer will sniff out rare seeds, which can be turned into decorative plants.

On June 23, Mojang will host a three-day summer celebration event in an in-game amusement park. Players can challenge each other in minigames and earn a special character creator item from the Minecraft marketplace. The Trails & Tales update is live on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows. Minecraft has also recently been ported to Chromebook, and Tails & Trails is the first update to roll out on that platform.

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