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Friday the 13th game unlocks everything for everyone ahead of December delisting

If you have to go, this is one way to do it

Jason from Friday the 13th: The Game stands over a camper Image: IllFonic/Gun Media
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Friday the 13th: The Game will be pulled from sale at the end of 2023, as publisher Gun Media’s license for the venerable slasher movie series is set to expire. But — beyond an already-announced price cut — the developers have a treat in store for their remaining players, starting Thursday: Everybody gets everything.

The developers announced on Twitter that all players of the asymmetrical multiplayer game — which pits slasher Jason against a pack of teenage prey — would be boosted to level 150 and awarded 30 of the most popular legendary perks, with no negative effects, set to the best roll possible. All kills (excepting DLC kills) and challenge skulls will be unlocked, too. There’ll be no XP any more — because there’s no need for it.

Gun Media said the changes were being made “to help reduce the dependence on database servers,” but that matchmaking functionality would be unaffected.

Putting all players at the same level and awarding them the same stuff certainly gives the game’s operator a lot less info to track. But it also puts players in an interesting place. Some may feel that, with everything unlocked, they have nothing left to strive for. Others might argue that, with the game’s days numbered, it’s fair to give the whole community a taste of everything Friday the 13th has to offer without the grind. It should also make matchmaking much easier as the game’s community inevitably shrinks.

Not that Friday the 13th will disappear as soon as it’s removed from sale on December 31. Gun Media says the game will continue to function for at least a year longer for anyone that owns it. Meanwhile, Gun is set to move on to an adaptation of another core text in the slasher canon: its Texas Chainsaw Massacre game is set to release on August 18.