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Analogue Pocket’s new (old) translucent colorways are now available

Grab one now, if you’re lucky

the Analogue Pocket, seen in seven translucent colorways: Clear, Smoke, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, and Purple Image: Analogue

Just in time for your glow-in-the-dark limited-edition Analogue Pocket to arrive in the mail comes the reveal of not one, but seven new limited-edition Analogue Pocket colors, evoking the heyday of the Game Boy Pocket and its myriad translucent shells. On offer, Analogue announced Monday, are handhelds in translucent Clear, Smoke, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, and Purple, all of which are now on sale for $249.99 and will ship within two weeks.

For those of you who have been on the Analogue rodeo before, you should know to arrive early with fingers and toes crossed. The translucent variants will be available in “limited quantities” and “will never be sold again,” according to Analogue’s Chris Taber. If history is any indicator, expect to see pre-orders hit eBay within minutes of that launch window, with scalpers no doubt emboldened by the limited nature of the drop.

If you’re not familiar with the Pocket, it’s a boutique clone console capable of playing Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges (and many others, with an adapter) on a gorgeous, high-resolution backlit screen with impressive accuracy. If you’re short on carts, or want more consoles, it also supports so-called OpenFPGA cores, ranging from obscure arcade hardware, to classic consoles like the Super Nintendo, to less obscure arcade hardware like the Neo Geo. With support for Bluetooth controllers and TV output via the $99 Analogue Dock, the Pocket is one of our favorite ways to enjoy classic games.

Translucent Purple or, let’s just say it, Atomic Purple
Image: Analogue

Update (Sept. 29): These handhelds are now available for purchase, so we’ve added a link to Analogue’s shop.