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Barbie makes her Roblox debut with Barbie Dreamhouse Tycoon

Surely next up is Mojo Dojo Casa House Tycoon

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An image of a Barbie Dreamhouse in the background, with a picture of two Barbie-inspired Roblox characters superimposed in the top left corner of the image Image: Roblox/Gamefam
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Gamefam Studios, the developer of several other branded Roblox games like Sonic Speed Simulator and TMNT Battle Tycoon, has partnered with Mattel to bring Barbie to the platform in upcoming free-to-play game Barbie Dreamhouse Tycoon. The life sim will be released on Oct. 6, and there’s already a beta available to play for those curious.

In Barbie Dreamhouse Tycoon, players will be able to build a Dreamhouse of their own “with up to four floors and a total of 30 rooms,” according to Gamefam’s press release. There’s a multiplayer element, too — players can “visit each other’s Dreamhouses and revel in their virtual spaces before hanging out in the Malibu Town Square.” Naturally, those players will have designed their own Barbie avatars, choosing from a suite of “nine different skin tones and various body types, 15 face and makeup configurations, handfuls of hairstyles, and the option to add hearing aids—with more configurations coming soon.” There will be “several themed vehicles” to drive and “various careers” to role-play, too.

“By tapping into Gamefam’s metaverse gaming expertise, Mattel aims to engage some of the 66 million plus daily active users on Roblox, reaching existing fans and attracting a new fan base, inspiring them to be anything they want to be,” the press release concludes.

This is far from the first Barbie gaming experience, of course. After all, Barbie starred in the first-ever mass market game for girls, Barbie Fashion Designer. Most of the recent official Barbie games have been mobile games, though, and many of them have been single-player experiences, so this will be a relatively new Barbie experience for players. Barbie Dreamhouse Tycoon will be available on mobile platforms as well — but it’ll also be on the other platforms where Roblox exists: PCs (including Mac), the Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X.