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Knock at the Cabin’s original ending was much darker

The DCU plans do what Marvel can’t anymore: adapt comics

The Legend of Vox Machina made one of Critical Role’s biggest moments even better

Trigun Stampede had to completely transform Trigun to be faithful to Trigun

Gamefound fell short of its goals in 2022, but still ate into Kickstarter’s lead in tabletop

James Cameron and Hayao Miyazaki’s beautiful cursed dreams

Nicholas Hoult plays the ‘passionate’ fan as a form of evil in The Menu

Tabletop funding was down on Kickstarter in 2022, but more campaigns succeeded overall

TV’s most comforting show confronts despair like only it can

If you ever want to read The Winds of Winter, pray for the New York Giants

Velma puts the girls (and their queerness) front and center

From The Last Jedi to Glass Onion, Rian Johnson keeps murdering the past

A messy era of gay comedies is finally paying off

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Overtraining is a problem in competitive video games, too

How The Last of Us became ‘the greatest story that has ever been told in video games’

Gaming YouTubers say their videos are being demonetized due to profanity policies

Avatar’s unkillable Colonel Quaritch could be the perfect villain for an eternal war

The viral sensation Skinamarink is this generation’s Blair Witch Project

Breaking down the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania trailer

The hell of making Avatar 2 totally paid off

Tár and Marcel the Shell With Shoes On are basically the exact same movie

Xbox Games With Gold lived in Game Pass’ shadow in 2022

The new PS Plus still couldn’t compete with Xbox Game Pass in 2022

D&D will change to defend itself against crypto and other forms of exploitation

Chainsaw Man’s episode endings tell the whole story of the anime adaptation

The year of violent denial

I personally love watching Kobeni fail on Chainsaw Man

PlayStation Plus’ free games for 2022: The most value for the least cost

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How NFT video games crashed and burned

The NFT gaming community only grew more niche and scam-filled in 2022

What does Santa the action hero stand for?

Willow has become what all queer fantasy love stories should feel like

Avatar court: The case for and against Spider

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