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Phil Spencer is right: AAA games are in big trouble

The John Wick movies have always lived by video game rules

Ahsoka has finally made Star Wars more fantasy than sci-fi

A live-action Thrawn should be a big deal... right?

Microsoft’s major court leak pierces through the hype

Xbox kills physical media with its new Series X — for real this time

The tiny time-travel movie Aporia answers Oppenheimer’s big questions, badly

Foundation season 2 finds its focus in Demerzel’s battle

The Blackening’s big twist is just being kind to its horror-movie victims

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon lets Daryl be his true self: Wolverine

The My Big Fat Greek Wedding movies understand family like few other franchises

One Piece’s best live-action arc isn’t as good as the manga, but it’s for a great reason

Why Riot removes League’s popular new game modes

Baldur’s Gate 3 just made the future of Xbox Series S a bit more uncertain

All the Jaws sequels made one basic mistake

One Piece, Our Flags, and the modern pirate media revolution

The Ernest & Celestine sequel is, improbably, one of 2023’s best political movies

Armored Core 6’s big doofus boss lets you feel like a mech god

Armored Core 6’s Balteus is the Margit, the Fell Omen of the mech world

Warhammer’s Old World setting is coming back, and you had better like painting textiles

Riverdale died as it lived: with teen angst and multiversal time travel

Is Magic: The Gathering’s new set intentionally similar to Disney Lorcana?

D&D’s worst book needs an update, and that’s an opportunity for creators of all stripes

Strange New Worlds season 2 shows how far Star Trek has come

All of Christopher Nolan’s movies are about exploring what scares him most

D&D’s next iteration needs to keep things simple, too

One Piece’s Gear 5 transformation does more than just get Luffy closer to his dream

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Oppenheimer undoes decades of American denial about The Bomb

How Hollywood finally made The Bomb personal

Secret Invasion’s politics can’t be trusted

Barbie and Oppenheimer share a single clear theme

Every Futurama finale was of its time

Dead Reckoning Part One was the inevitable Mission: Impossible comedy

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