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Looking for a new anime to start? Want to know when the next season of your favorite show is returning? We've got all the latest anime news and recommendations for you right here

Netflix’s Onimusha resurrects Toshiro Mifune as a demon-slaying samurai

Netflix’s One Piece live-action series is coming back for season 2

Spy x Family is getting a video game and Anya looks adorable

Mob Psycho 100’s director is back with an anime movie aimed at jazzheads

Ash Ketchum is gone, but Pokémon animation is going stronger than ever

OK this time for real, we actually know when Attack on Titan’s final episode airs

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The must-watch anime to look out for in fall 2023

Attack on Titan Final Season leak seems to reveal finale release date

The best anime to watch on Hulu right now

Hayao Miyazaki’s The Boy and the Heron is a gloriously demented farewell

Netflix’s One Piece adaptation has activated every Buggy simp

Live-action One Piece is too good to let Sanji be a horndog

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Netflix knew it had to change One Piece’s world for live action

But it was always committed to the vision of the manga and anime

Netflix’s live-action One Piece shows the story is best as a slow burn 

One Piece’s finale tease is a whole thing in the manga

How Netflix’s One Piece brought Luffy’s impossibly stretchy powers to live action

Here’s what’s going on with One Piece’s mysterious Mr. 7, and the organization he works for

Netflix’s One Piece grinds down the greatest manga ever until it’s just content

6 mecha anime to watch if you love Armored Core 6

Everything you need to know about One Piece before watching the Netflix show

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How Banana Fish and Attack on Titan fandoms created a star

The musician sees your anime edits, and thanks you for them

Breaking down the new Jujutsu Kaisen trailer based on how good each character looks

The best anime to watch on Netflix right now

Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim anime looks like a bold new take on a beloved series

Pochita and Chainsaw Man get wild new accessories, courtesy of Casetify

Watch the explosive One-Punch Man homage from Hulu’s comedy Miguel Wants to Fight


VTubers, explained

‘Austrian’ versions of Jujutsu Kaisen characters live rent-free in my brain

One Piece’s Gear 5 transformation does more than just get Luffy closer to his dream

Luffy’s latest Gear joins the most iconic anime power-ups of all time

Gojo and Geto broke up, press F to pay respects

Cult classic anime Mononoke returns with a new film next summer

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