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The best science fiction and fantasy books of 2022, so far

Sauron’s secret identity takes another step

About The Rings of Power’s mysterious white-robed trackers, the Stranger, and the moon...

Catherine Called Birdy does book-to-film adaptation the right way

Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive is getting a tabletop RPG

Once upon a time, you could buy Snow White-themed bleach and ammonia

The men of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power hate elves for all the wrong reasons

This Lord of the Rings Middle-earth map can help you navigate The Rings of Power

League of Legends’ Ruination novel is better than it has any right to be

Behind Galadriel’s life-or-death choice in the Rings of Power premiere

What really happened in Middle-earth’s war against Morgoth, in under 1,000 words

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17 upcoming sci-fi and fantasy books to look forward to in 2022

The BookTok creators whose sci-fi recommendations will shake up your reading list

10 books worth buying at the annual Barnes & Noble Book Haul sale

Read an exclusive excerpt from R.A. Salvatore’s new Drizzt novel, Glacier’s Edge

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What if Avatar: The Last Airbender was a spy thriller?

Author F.C. Yee explains why the latest Avatar book, The Dawn of Yangchen, veers toward a new genre

Our favorite Neil Gaiman books, comics, and more

One of 2022’s best books includes a Red Dead Redemption 2 review

Avatar: The Last Airbender is starting a new story arc — read a full chapter here

The cast of What We Do in the Shadows shares their favorite vampire movies, books, and more

In Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, intense friendship and game design are intertwined

George R.R. Martin has big updates on Winds of Winter and why his ending is very different from the show

9 classic, steamy reads for teens to pass around the camp cabin

A new thriller from the scriptwriter of Jurassic Park and Spider-Man is headed to Netflix

Berserk manga will continue after Kentaro Miura’s death

Read the opening pages of Dragons of Deceit, the first new Dragonlance novel in more than a decade

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20 sci-fi and fantasy books we can’t wait to dive into this summer

Dracula Daily is Tumblr’s hottest new book club

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This summer, be free of the need to read Fire & Blood

Disney’s Percy Jackson show casts two more main characters

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Read an excerpt from the new Star Wars: Brotherhood novel all about Obi-Wan and Anakin

The Star Trek Book of Friendship dives deep into Picard and Riker’s eternal bro-bond

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