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It’s 2023 and we’re all rereading Animorphs

The Fifth Season RPG will expose N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth to a new audience

If you ever want to read The Winds of Winter, pray for the New York Giants

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Dungeons & Dragons-themed workouts put fantasy twist on fitness

The science fiction and fantasy books we’re excited for in 2023

Metropolis, Sherlock Holmes, and more enter public domain in 2023

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A Star Trek vet tried to adapt Kindred in 1984, but wound up with a lifelong friend instead

Andreea Kindryd’s dream comes true, in a way, with Hulu’s new Octavia Butler adaptation

Mike Flanagan might be the only person who can do a Dark Tower series right

The best science fiction and fantasy books of 2022

Shadow and Bone season 2 gets a big tease before its March release

George R.R. Martin says he only has another 500 pages to write on Winds of Winter

The best SFF books to buy in the Barnes & Noble Cyber Monday sale

Books to read for the Twilight fans who have grown up

When Pokémon came to the US, it literally rained Pikachus

An exclusive excerpt from Critical Role: The Mighty Nein - The Nine Eyes of Lucien

All eyes are on Lucien in the next Critical Role novel

Everything you’re too afraid to ask about the rings of power in Rings of Power

The Rings of Power just teed up the apocalyptic future of The Lord of the Rings

Why nobody can actually say ‘Mordor’ yet in The Rings of Power

10 spooky modern horror books to read this fall

Even Tolkien was never really sure where orcs came from

The Adar-as-Sauron theory takes a hit

About The Rings of Power’s mysterious white-robed trackers, the Stranger, and the moon...

Catherine Called Birdy does book-to-film adaptation the right way

Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive is getting a tabletop RPG

Once upon a time, you could buy Snow White-themed bleach and ammonia

The men of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power hate elves for all the wrong reasons

This Lord of the Rings Middle-earth map can help you navigate The Rings of Power

League of Legends’ Ruination novel is better than it has any right to be

Behind Galadriel’s life-or-death choice in the Rings of Power premiere

What really happened in Middle-earth’s war against Morgoth, in under 1,000 words

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17 upcoming sci-fi and fantasy books to look forward to in 2022

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