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A Century of Disney

The Walt Disney Company turns 100 in 2023. Look back at its best animated movies with our anniversary series, A Century of Disney.

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Cinderella’s 4K restoration team says her colors have been all wrong for decades

Most of us grew up with a copy of a copy of a copy of the 1950 animated original

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Disney’s hottest animated animal characters, ranked

And the scientific explanation for thinking they’re sexy

Disney’s animated book-to-film adaptations, ranked by faithfulness to the source

Disney’s weirdest villain lived and died as a pipe organ

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Walt Disney is the ultimate problematic fave

Disney made their founder into an icon, while critics made him into a Nazi — but the truth is more complex

Ariel was always a role model, but the live-action Little Mermaid makes her stronger

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Walt Disney cheated his animators out of profits — and their strike changed the world

The Disney animators’ strike of 1941 was a game-changer for animation — and it paved the way for the WGA strike

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Disney’s Robin Hood is still a life-changing furry phenomenon

Here’s why it’s such a beloved standard, even with many more anthropomorphic animal movies out there

Disney Princesses, ranked by how well they’d survive the real world

9 of the weirdest, most persistent Disney conspiracy theories

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101 things that must be said about 101 Dalmatians

Walt Disney may have hated it, but like Cruella de Vil, he was wrong

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty takes a lot of flak — but its critics are reading it all wrong

Frozen didn’t start the gripes about Disney faces — it’s been an issue for 70 years

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Disney may never live down Song of the South — or its attempted do-over

Splash Mountain’s closure is just the most recent attempt to rewrite Disney history

Disney’s largely forgotten wartime shorts, ranked

Donald Duck hit peak popularity during his horny era

The original Mickey Mouse was an actual mouse

Fantasia nearly sunk Disney animation, but Dumbo helped rescue it

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