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Former Marvel EIC Joe Quesada leaps over to DC

Mob Psycho 100 season 3 keeps pushing its hero beyond the limits of shonen anime

Someone edited Tim Burton’s Batman into a silent movie, and it rules

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Other Ever Afters makes fairy tales subversive, kinder, and a whole lot queerer

Mel Gillman explains how a hit online series became a book to rival Grimms’ fairy tales

Spider-Man got to talk to a resurrected Gwen Stacy for 5 minutes, and it was sweet

Namor is more than just Black Panther’s villain

The new Black Panther trailer has basically revealed who the new Black Panther is

She-Hulk just assembled Marvel’s most D-list supervillain squad

God declares Hawkeye slightly more valuable than ‘a randomly chosen mailbox’

Here’s your first look at season 2 of DC’s slice-of-life Batman family comic

She-Hulk’s new cameo nods to the greatest Avengers team of all time

Now is the perfect time to read the Genshin Impact manga

Mad magazine returns to celebrate its 70th birthday

Our favorite queer comics creators recommend the best queer indie comics

The Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals just fought a god, and the god won

At long last, the Hunter x Hunter manga returns in November

Exclusive: It’s Geralt vs. the Big Bad Wolf in Dark Horse’s new Witcher comic

She-Hulk keeps outdoing itself with Marvel deep cuts

The Scarlet Witch is getting a new comic where she runs a magic shop

The MCU has its work cut out for it with Sabra, Marvel’s Israeli Captain America

Fist of the North Star gets a... boxing exercise game?

Batman’s alternate personality with terrible fashion sense is back with a vengeance

The Thunderbolts are the MCU’s answer to the Suicide Squad

Marvel’s Secret Invasion pulls all the MCU’s spies into one intergalactic crisis

The Thomas Kinkade X-Men painting is bizarre

Thor: Love and Thunder barely cracked the best Thor villain of our age

The Marvel Universe actually sucks for stage magicians

Mangasplaining is the podcast that turned me into a big bad manga boy

A new Sandman comic pits the Corinthian against the angel who invented Mormonism

She-Hulk’s Wrecking Crew has a loopy connection to Thor and the Avengers

Behold new pages from legendary artist Alex Ross’ new Fantastic Four epic

The Marvel universe’s future is suddenly in the hands of Thanos’ kid brother

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