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No One Left to Fight gives shounen anime a midlife crisis

We’ve got an exclusive look at the Dark Horse Comics series hitting shelves on July 3

Promo image for No One Left To Fight, Dark Horse Comics (2019). Fico Ossio/Dark Horse Comics

What happens to heroes when the world doesn’t need them anymore? Aubrey Sitterson and Fico Ossio will answer that question in No One Left to Fight, a new miniseries from Dark Horse Comics.

It’s the first time that Sitterson (The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling, G.I. Joe) and Ossio (IDW’s Marvel Action Spider-Man, Skylanders, too many Transformers comics to name) have worked together, but it’s a long-awaited mashup.

“Ever since I met Aubrey, I was drawn to his over the top and creative storytelling,” Ossio said in a statement. “For No One Left To Fight, we tapped into all our love and fandom for series like Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia and One Punch Man and created something new.”

No One Left To Fight takes everything we love about the greatest fighting series of all time, Dragon Ball, and puts it into the service of something new,” Sitterson said, “a story about growing older, coming to grips with the choices you’ve made, and learning to appreciate what all your trials and tribulations have afforded you. With lots of explosive, earth-shattering action, obviously.”

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, Polygon can exclusively share a whole bunch of Ossio’s vivid art for the series, complete with character introductions, right here:

Here’s the cover of No One Left To Fight #1 and the full promo image for the series:

Cover of No One Left To Fight #1, Dark Horse Comics (2019). Fico Ossio/Dark Horse Comics
Promo image for No One Left To Fight, Dark Horse Comics (2019). Fico Ossio/Dark Horse Comics

No One Left To Fight #1 (of five) will hit shelves on July 3, 2019, and is available for pre-order now.

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