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Naruto game accused of using AI voice-over is just sloppy editing, admits Bandai

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is even more chaotic with 16 people in your party

Party Limit Begone is exactly how it sounds

Regitube is the only Pokémon that matters to me now

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Can David Tennant’s return to Doctor Who usher in another golden age?

Russell T. Davies’ run on Doctor Who was the stuff of TV and internet legend

You can already play as Eminem in another great shooter: Quake 3 Arena

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Stardew Valley Expanded exceeded its creator’s wildest dreams

With over 1.8 million unique downloads, the mod has a thriving community of its own

The BookTok creators whose sci-fi recommendations will shake up your reading list

Colleen Ballinger returns to YouTube with a (non-ukulele) apology

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Video game company layoffs are creating an industry crisis

‘People were just an expense. They don’t necessarily care about the human impact’

Mortal Kombat 1 players are still beating the game’s toughest bosses with farts

The 17 best Stardew Valley mods to shake up your playthrough

Steven Universe taught me I didn’t have to be a boy or a girl — I could be ‘an experience’

The Shrek kissing TikTok filter is a blight upon society

New Walking Dead game turns TV show’s tragic death into a hilarious video game boss fight

Madame Web’s trailer has given us cinematic perfection with one line

Why it’s OK that so many top Pokémon players ‘cheat’

Scott Pilgrim was never the guy the movie made him out to be

The Hunger Games is too good for a normal fandom revival

Timothée Chalamet captured Troye Sivan’s full essence on SNL

Xbox creates Wonka-themed controller you can... eat

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The celebrities are serving vampire

Lofi Girl and Synthwave Boy are missing

Zelda fans have spent years animating their own vision for a movie

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Microsoft wants AI to solve problems devs say they don’t actually have

Some developers aren’t so sure about the technology

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Today’s vampire love is all about cringe losers

Omegle creator on site’s shutdown: ‘What is right doesn’t always prevail’

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Why I dressed like a Castlevania vampire for an entire year

Keep Link short in the Zelda movie

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It’s that time of year

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A binder of vampire fanfic cast my mother’s struggle with AIDS in a new light

A family’s shared supernatural obsession takes on a new dimension after a life cut short

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Global weirding is coming for the bloodsuckers

Climate change is making real life a horror film for everyone, bloodsuckers included

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I met my husband in a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP group and I’m not alone