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Warhammer 40K’s angriest big boy is back and he’s going to fight you

Undertale’s creator conducted an interview with a cult-hit RPG dev, and it’s bizarre

AI Seinfeld is taking over Twitch

All of my internet converges with TikTok’s ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Whopper’

Elgato’s Stream Deck Mk.2 is 20% off through Feb. 6

Video games are becoming more accessible — and games are better for it

NASCAR officially bans driver’s GameCube-inspired ‘wall ride’ stunt

How Sea of Thieves pirates teamed up with the Parkinson’s Foundation

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Everyone’s got a Triforce tattoo

How the symbol became so ubiquitous

The 20-inch Pokémon Squishmallows are absolutely massive

Marie Kondo exiting her Marie Kondo phase is totally OK

Howl’s Moving Castle fashion collection captures the magic of the movie

M&M’s ‘spokescandies’ controversy, explained

Of course the M&M’s spokescandies change was actually a Super Bowl stunt

A Ness main may win the Super Bowl

GoldenEye 007’s incredible pause music was written in just 20 minutes

Golf clap for Noah Schnapp hiding a scathing Stranger Things Easter egg in his yearbook quote

Why does Ted Cruz think your Xbox is woke?

Nvidia’s eye-contact AI is its creepiest update yet

Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard has somehow become a TikTok transition

Warhammer 40K’s new status quo is absolutely wild

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Roblox wants an older audience, but it’s leaving younger players behind

‘I deleted my kids’ Roblox accounts, and recommend you guys do too’

Alhaitham and Kaveh prove Genshin Impact characters come best in pairs

League of Legends’ stinker cinematic belies a bigger trend

The Elden Ring GeoGuessr lets you fight the map itself

Artists sue AI art generators over copyright infringement

Elden Ring scholar pits 50 bad dogs against the game’s roster of bosses

Neck exercises (neck-xercises) for gamers

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An obsessive gamer’s guide to chronic pain peripherals

Amelia Dimoldenberg’s interview with Andrew Garfield shows professional flirting at work

Fortnite’s new skin has JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans feeling so much

Strong Bad’s back with a video tribute to Homestar Runner’s Trogdor

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