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Here’s your first look at season 2 of DC’s slice-of-life Batman family comic

Mad magazine returns to celebrate its 70th birthday

Batman’s alternate personality with terrible fashion sense is back with a vengeance

The Black Adam trailer reveals an actual villain for the antihero

A new Sandman comic pits the Corinthian against the angel who invented Mormonism

The best episode for every iconic Batman: The Animated Series villain

Batman: The Animated Series opened my world and changed my life

Shazam! and Aquaman sequel delays could be good for DC movies

Sandman’s Cain and Abel were inspired by the most important book ever: Tales From the Crypt

The DC super-pets that didn’t make it into the movie (but should have)

Pour one out for the first hit Sandman TV show: Lucifer

The best Sandman stories to read after watching the Netflix series

In The Sandman, Neil Gaiman drew from comics history to create his own

Everything to know about Netflix’s The Sandman before watching

The Batgirl movie may never be released, even though it’s already done

The Arrowverse as we know it will end with The Flash next year

DC League of Super-Pets’ director explains its startling post-credits scene

Ben Affleck will return as Batman in Aquaman 2

DC League of Super-Pets crams every second with satirical superhero (and pet) humor

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Netflix’s The Sandman TV series has a trailer worth dreaming about

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Black Adam revealed its secret villain to San Diego Comic-Con fans only

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New Black Adam trailer shows off the Justice Society, more antihero antics

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The biggest news and announcements from Warner Bros.’ SDCC 2022 panel

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Shazam 2 trailer shows off the villains and introduces Rachel Zegler

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Batman and Spawn will reunite in new story from Todd McFarlane

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Gotham Knights’ Batgirl trailer shows Barbara Gordon stepping in to fill the Batman void

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What to expect from Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe at SDCC 2022

After four years of sturm and drang Batman finally, successfully, married Catwoman

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Coming out is the best thing that’s happened to Robin in a decade

Ask not what a character can do for queerness, but what queerness can do for a character

DC’s flagship Batman writer wants to know: ‘How essential is money to Batman?’

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DC Comics has one weird trick for creating queer superheroes who’re already household names

For one superhero universe, LGBTQ begins with Legacy

Harley and Ivy have been ‘doing a ton of banging’ in the Harley Quinn season 3 trailer

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