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Mondo’s new Batman: Mask of the Phantasm figurine rules

Aquaman is a very busy Aqua-dad in very busy Aquaman 2 trailer

Margot Robbie knew Harley Quinn’s potential, and an amazing new DC comic proves it

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The best and biggest comics coming up in fall 2023

My Adventures With Superman is reinventing DC villains faster than a speeding bullet

DC’s swimsuit special artists on making superheroes recognizable but sexy

Blue Beetle sent a drone up buildings at 75 mph for its high-speed flight sequences

When is The Flash coming to Max?

Blue Beetle’s post-credits scene is a treat for Latin American fans

Harley Quinn season 4 is for fans of Nightwing’s bodacious booty

Wonder Woman 3 isn’t happening, even though Gal Gadot thinks it is

That time Batman told Raphael the Ninja Turtle, ‘This is where I watched my parents die’

Wonder Woman, Egyptian fantasy, and pro wrestling in 2023’s best comics

DC’s turning every superhero into an animal

Watchmen is getting an R-rated animated adaptation, will we ever know peace

DC’s new interactive streaming series will let viewers build their own Justice League

Harley Quinn takes on the terrifying ordeal of being a good person in new trailer

Aquaman 2 won’t have a Batman in it after all

Superman Legacy adds Nathan Fillion as DC’s most annoying Green Lantern ever

Clark Kent is always nice. My Adventures With Superman makes him complex

Suicide Squad anime movie from Attack on Titan studio looks absolutely twisted

James Gunn’s Superman reboot has found its Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Wonder Woman’s new kid nods to the character’s polyamorous origins

The Flash has the only movie multiverse that makes real sense, and I can prove it

The Flash’s Supergirl is a perfect fit for a dying DC cinematic universe

Michael Keaton’s Batman in The Flash transcends the usual crossover cameo

Breaking down every cameo in The Flash, from the obvious to the obscure

The Flash’s post-credits gag still has serious implications

The Flash director will make the first Batman film of the new DCU

So does The Flash actually reboot the DCEU?

Nic Cage’s Superman was the most epic movie that never happened

So who really killed Barry Allen’s mom in The Flash?

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