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The DCU plans do what Marvel can’t anymore: adapt comics

DC’s plans for canon games would be ‘a nightmare,’ Marvel game director says

Can we talk about how the DCU reboot is starting with Frankenstein’s actual monster

The new DC cinematic universe may break the firmest rule in Batman cinema

Logan director may reimagine Swamp Thing for James Gunn’s DCU

Releasing Batgirl would have hurt DC universe, says new DC Studios head

Who are the Authority, stars of the DCU’s new superhero blockbuster?

The Batman 2 isn’t the only Batman movie in the new DCU — here’s how it works

Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ trailer feels like the end of an era for DC movies

The best Nightwing’s Butt Artist is back on the job

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This is the most famous punch Batman’s ever thrown

Why is this the most famous time Batman has punched a Guy

The Joker is pregnant, and there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why

Batman fell off the moon and, boy, he’s pissed

The Snyderverse is done, but Ben Affleck may still return in the director’s chair

Man of Steel still proves Henry Cavill is the best Superman

Henry Cavill out as Superman, character will be rebooted in new movie

Wonder Woman 3 director speaks out on cancellation, still working on Rogue Squadron

Wonder Woman 3 reportedly canceled as DC Studios prepares for a new era

Batman slaps and Thanos snaps in HeroClix’s new line of miniature memes

Superman loves his queer son, but it took weeks to figure out how to say it

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Black, queer, and trans Supermans? 30 years ago, Superman’s death predicted them all

The Death of Superman lives on in the modern DC Universe

The Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals finally defeated god, and now they have a new one

The Batman was always meant for Halloween

Black Adam changed DC hierarchy by putting the wrong person in charge

James Gunn will be DC’s Kevin Feige

Quintessa Swindell’s Black Adam look is a little bit Oz, a little bit Hunger Games

Henry Cavill says Black Adam was just the beginning of his Superman comeback

Black Adam’s Hawkman knows how convoluted his character is, thank you

Black Adam isn’t nearly as subversive as it’s meant to be

The Rock ‘fought for a long time’ to get Black Adam’s post-credits scene in the movie

Dwayne Johnson says The Rock’s legendary heel turn inspired Black Adam

DC’s unprecedented new subscription tier lets you read new comics after only a month

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