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GOG’s Summer Sale offers up to 95% off PC games, System Shock demo

The deals last through June 15

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A hooded figure holds a gun, backlit by a neon sign Image: Night Dive Studios

GOG, the digital distribution site from Polish game developer CD Projekt, launched a Summer Sale on Wednesday, offering “over 3,000 stellar deals” on PC games, including “two out-of-this-world, DRM-free releases.”

The GOG Summer Sale has an outer space theme, btw.

The two DRM-free releases discounted in the GOG Summer Sale are Metro Exodus (50% off) and Prey (70% off). Both games were recently added to the platform. Some other highlights from the sale include 50% off Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Baldur’s Gate 2, 75% off Firewatch and XCOM 2, and 25% off on of Polygon’s 2018 Games of the Year, Return of the Obra Dinn.

GOG is also offering build-your-own publisher bundles as part of the Summer Sale. Get an extra 5% discount when you buy three games from a single participating publisher (Devolver, Paradox Interactive, or EA, to name a few) and an extra 10% when you buy five or more games. And if you’ve already bought one of those publisher’s games through GOG, that title counts towards your bundle.

In addition to the discounted games, GOG is offering seven free demos of several upcoming games, including an alpha demo of the long-awaited System Shock reboot. The other available demos are Desperados 3, Destroy All Humans!, Cris Tales, Vagrus, Spiritfarer, and Carrion.

GOG’s Summer Sale runs through June 15.

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