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Blast off with official Team Rocket streetwear

This collection looks like double trouble for my budget

A photo of Pokemon Center’s lineup of Team Rocket apparel, featuring black sweatpants, jackets and t-shirts with a large red “R”. Image: Pokemon Center
Alice Newcome-Beill (she/her) is a commerce writer, and she has been writing about gaming and tech since 2005. Prior to Polygon, she worked at publications such as The Verge.

The Pokémon Center, your one-stop shop for pocket monster-themed toys, games, Squismallows, and other cool stuff, has just released a line of apparel modeled after the infamous hooligans of Team Rocket. It’s not usually cool to dress as villains, but frankly, it’s just wall-to-wall drip.

The streetwear-focused lineup includes crop hoodies, fleece shorts, and relaxed-fit joggers among other sick fits, all sporting the classic red-on-black, or red-on-white motifs, emblazoned with Team Rocket’s iconic “R” logo. Oh, and if you’re wondering where the sling bag is, that’s actually the Black Anorak Jacket, which features a design that collapses into itself for easy storage.

Considering this isn’t a far cry from what I wear daily, I’m definitely digging this look, although I’m a bit disappointed by the general lack of knee-high go-go boots and newsboy hats. Maybe those will make the cut in the next batch of apparel.

A stock photo of a group of models wearing the Team Rocket apparel lineup. Image: Pokemon Center

Some Twitter users have called the pricing of the new Team Rocket-themed apparel “villainous”. I’ll admit that $80 for a long-sleeve tee is a bit steep, but it still doesn’t compare to the prices put on the Sailor Moon collection from Jimmy Choo, or this Loews collection inspired by Studio Ghibli’s film, Howl’s Moving Castle.

Team Rocket Fitted Joggers

  • $70

Prices taken at time of publishing.

  • $70 at Pokémon Center

Team Rocket Oversize T-Shirt

  • $45

Prices taken at time of publishing.

  • $45 at Pokémon Center

Team Rocket Bucket Hat

  • $35

Prices taken at time of publishing.

  • $35 at Pokémon Center

Team Rocket Quilted Vest

  • $110

Prices taken at time of publishing.

  • $110 at Pokémon Center