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Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Elden Ring, the latest in a line of FromSoftware games including Dark Souls and Bloodborne, is here. See all the latest news, updates, and memes about this fantasy open-world action-RPG with story contributions from A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin and famously challenging boss battles.

The Elden Ring GeoGuessr lets you fight the map itself

Elden Ring scholar pits 50 bad dogs against the game’s roster of bosses

Elden Ring’s mysterious locked colosseums open up for battle in free update

Elden Ring is getting jazzy

Elden Ring board game reveals Kickstarter launch date, and the hype is off the charts

Huge Elden Ring patch rebalances just about everything

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Elden Ring’s Malenia embodies FromSoftware’s problems with women

The game’s strongest boss betrays the developer’s biggest weakness

Elden Ring board game on the way from Dark Souls, Resident Evil board game publisher

Lego builder recreates Elden Ring’s Wandering Mausoleum in astonishing detail

Elden Ring patch nerfs the infamous Rivers of Blood, expands summoning

The Elden Ring Name Generator

Elden Ring devs sent their most infamous player a commemorative sword

I’d die for the Pope Turtle in this SNES Elden Ring fan demake

An emaciated Elden Ring dog against a plain background. There are many lines pointing to different parts of the dog, and each is labelled “bad dog.”

Leave me alone, Elden Ring dogs

Elden Ring mod that never makes you say goodbye is almost here

Elden Ring mod lets you summon bosses and story NPCs as companions

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