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This stream has:

All the big NYCC 2022 announcements in one place

The His Dark Materials season 3 trailer brings the wild Amber Spyglass to life

The Rings of Power shows the cost of doing good

The Midnight Club might convert a new generation into horror buffs

The Rings of Power just teed up the apocalyptic future of The Lord of the Rings

Why nobody can actually say ‘Mordor’ yet in The Rings of Power

Legend of Vox Machina season 2 first-look footage is all dragon fury

How to be a Hellraiser, according to the newest Pinhead

The Super Mario Bros. Movie gets the games’ pathetic penguins just right

Jack Black’s Bowser is the best part of the Mario movie so far

Now watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie in Italian, per favore

The Owl House NYCC panel eulogized a brilliant show cut short: ‘We did our best’

Chris Pratt’s Mario voice has a, uh, vaguely Italian thing going on, sure

The Owl House witches face the human world in this exclusive NYCC clip

She-Hulk transforms a loveable Marvel Comics loser into a total manchild

How to watch the Mario movie trailer during today’s Nintendo Direct

How to watch NYCC 2022’s panel livestreams

Daredevil’s been born again as a Marvel nice guy — but can he be serious in the MCU?

How to watch Critical Role’s Legend of Vox Machina panel at NYCC 2022

Werewolf by Night slays with ghoulish and cheesy style

Mob Psycho 100 season 3 keeps pushing its hero beyond the limits of shonen anime

Javier Bardem in Lyle Lyle Crocodile... What the hell...

A viral Stranger Things Halloween display has caused chaos in Illinois

Andor’s best new character is the villain’s pushy mom

Stranger Things’ David Harbour stars as a killer Santa Claus in Violent Night

Someone edited Tim Burton’s Batman into a silent movie, and it rules

The best movies of 2022, so far

A broadcast shot of Ted Lasso as he appears on the sideline in FIFA 23. His arms are folded and he looks displeased.

FIFA 23 pits Ted Lasso against Ryan Reynolds’ soccer club, and it ain’t pretty

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Yes, Werewolf by Night is MCU canon — weird, weird canon

The Disney Plus horror special

The new Hellraiser’s gory fun only cuts skin deep

Dear Polygon: Eep, I need an ominous horror movie that isn’t just about murder!

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Other Ever Afters makes fairy tales subversive, kinder, and a whole lot queerer

Mel Gillman explains how a hit online series became a book to rival Grimms’ fairy tales

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