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Dear Polygon: Eep, I need an ominous horror movie that isn’t just about murder!

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Other Ever Afters makes fairy tales subversive, kinder, and a whole lot queerer

Mel Gillman explains how a hit online series became a book to rival Grimms’ fairy tales

Mamma mia, Nintendo stole Mario’s whole ass in his upcoming movie

First look at Super Mario Bros. movie coming in new Nintendo Direct

Kid Cudi’s Entergalactic owes more to Beyoncé than Spider-Verse

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The Deer King director brought every lesson from Princess Mononoke to his epic fantasy

Masashi Ando, a student of Studio Ghibli, explains his vision for a new tale

Spider-Man got to talk to a resurrected Gwen Stacy for 5 minutes, and it was sweet

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War finally has a streaming service thanks to Disney

Namor is more than just Black Panther’s villain

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Smile’s take on mental illness was designed to be messy and complicated

Writer-director Parker Finn loves provoking an audience, even in a sensitive story

McDonald’s Happy Meals for adults make sense in a Funko-obsessed world

The new Black Panther trailer has basically revealed who the new Black Panther is

House of the Dragon has no bright future in store for its kids

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Black Panther 2 trailer’s new Iron Man is the one and only Ironheart

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer hints at the hero’s new identity

Every new movie and show coming to Disney Plus in October

Every movie and show coming to Netflix in October

House of the Dragon episode 7 masks its true violence behind royal rituals

All the dragons in House of the Dragon

Daemon is too complicated to just be House of the Dragon’s ‘villain’

House of the Dragon changed Laenor’s fate

10 spooky modern horror books to read this fall

Wolverine in Deadpool 3 sounds like an apology for the worst X-Men movie

11 great movies new to streaming to watch in October 2022

The Rings of Power’s best character showed up, kicked ass, and died

Smile director Parker Finn unpacks the movie’s many endings

Hocus Pocus 2, Rob Zombie’s The Munsters, and every other movie you can stream from home this weekend

What if Rings of Power’s Sauron really is just the most obvious person?

Marvel’s Armor Wars now envisioned as an Iron Man-level movie

Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix horror anthology looks like the best of monsters and murder

Even Tolkien was never really sure where orcs came from

The Community movie is finally happening, with most of the cast on board

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