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PlayStation Stars: Everything you need to know about Sony’s new rewards program

Why Dream kept his face hidden — and why he revealed it

What’s in Overwatch 2’s Watchpoint Pack?

All the dragons in House of the Dragon

When does Overwatch 2 go live?

What’s in Overwatch 2’s store and season 1 battle pass

The Try Guys firing drama, explained

Larys Strong has manipulated his way into House of the Dragon’s game of thrones

The House of the Dragon timeline, so far

The BBY calendar is tripping up Andor viewers, so let’s get it all straightened out

The ‘cheating’ scandal tearing the chess community apart, explained

What’s really happening in the Star Wars timeline when Andor starts

How Viserys’ Iron Throne cuts predicted his fate in House of the Dragon

All the House of the Dragon houses and characters you need to know

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s best fan theories... so far

Daemon’s House of the Dragon arc is patterned after a pivotal Targaryen tyrant

The Thunderbolts are the MCU’s answer to the Suicide Squad

All the ways the Marvel movies have already hinted that the X-Men exist

Marvel’s Secret Invasion pulls all the MCU’s spies into one intergalactic crisis

This Lord of the Rings Middle-earth map can help you navigate The Rings of Power

Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine, and the internet beef overshadowing a major fall release

Tolkien’s elf/human relationships may not be as bad as The Rings of Power suggests

The Stranger in Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power isn’t who you think

What really happened in Middle-earth’s war against Morgoth, in under 1,000 words

House of the Dragon’s power couple got a proper introduction in episode 2

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s new moves and items, explained

She-Hulk is so much more than just ‘sexy Hulk’

Before House of the Dragon premieres, catch up on Targaryen history

The beloved, bucolic My Summer Vacation series breaks free from Japan

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s main cast and lore, explained

The biggest questions we have for The Sandman season 2

Why is the new Predator movie only on Hulu?

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