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Hades is getting a sequel starring the underworld’s princess

More information about Hades 2’s early access period will come in 2023

Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

Hades is getting a sequel, Supergiant Games announced during The Game Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday. The game will launch in early access, The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley said after the trailer reveal. More information on timing is coming in 2023.

Hades 2 looks like it will build on that same formula with its fast-paced, tight roguelike dungeon-crawling and incredible characters. Instead of Zagreus, the prince of the underworld, Hades 2 will star the underworld’s princess — she hasn’t been named just yet. In trailer debuted at The Game Awards, Supergiant detailed the character in a flashy animation before giving players a peek at the gameplay.

Here’s how it’s described on Steam:

As the immortal Princess of the Underworld, you’ll explore a bigger, deeper mythic world, vanquishing the forces of the Titan of Time with the full might of Olympus behind you, in a sweeping story that continually unfolds through your every setback and accomplishment.

To say Hades was a hit would be an understatement. The game reached the top of plenty game of the year lists, including Polygon’s, when it was released in 2020, not to mention its BAFTA award. Hades also launched into early access, in 2018, before its 2020 launch.