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Need for Speed Unbound leaves last-gen consoles behind, emphasizes style and speed

Beat Saber’s Lizzo pack actually includes all the best Lizzo songs

New Pokémon are hidden in the Scarlet and Violet trailer

You can make elaborate sandwiches for Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s new trailer shows new Girafarig evolution, Pokémon picnics

A Court of Fey & Flowers has a lot to say about love, class, and equality

Blizzard axes Overwatch 2 phone number requirement in update on game’s rocky launch

Hit colony sim Rimworld’s next expansion will let you have kids (finally)

Dungeons & Dragons fans can compete to turn their campaign into a Lego set

Excited for Bayonetta 3? Play Valkyrie Elysium

EA’s new Need for Speed leaks, looks full-on anime

PlayStation Stars: Everything you need to know about Sony’s new rewards program

Persona 5 is getting a card game that will steal your tabletop

Heroscape’s new boxed set costs $250, but it could jumpstart the decades-old wargame

Why did CD Projekt just announce 6 new games?

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