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Splatoon 3 abilities chart

What does each Splatoon 3 ability do?

A menu screen of various Splatoon 3 Ability Chunks. Swim Speed Up is specifically highlighted. Image: Nintendo via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

In Splatoon 3, the abilities on your gear are important. They’ll help you swim faster, spend less ink, and do more damage.

If you’re new to Splatoon as a franchise, all those symbols can be daunting. To help you out, we provide this Splatoon 3 ability chart to give you all the information in one place.

It’s extremely important to know what abilities do in order to make good gear. The best abilities are ones that complement your play style, so you should know what they all do in order to beef yourself up in battle.

Splatoon 3 main abilities and sub abilities

There are specific abilities that can only be slotted in the main ability slot, though all sub abilities can also go into the main ability slot as well. Main abilities can only appear on certain types of gear as well. In addition to this, sub abilities are more or less likely to appear on certain brands of gear.

Below we table everything you need to know about all the abilities in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 main and sub ability chart

Type Ability Ability description Gear More likely on Less likely on
Type Ability Ability description Gear More likely on Less likely on
Sub Ink Resistance Up Reduces damage taken and improves mobility when walking through enemy ink. Any SquidForce Enperry
Sub Ink Saver (Main) Decreases amount of ink consumed by your main weapon. Any Splash Mob, Toni Kensa SquidForce
Sub Ink Saver (Sub) Decreases amount of ink consumed by your sub weapon. Any Firefin, Annaki Forge
Sub Intensify Action Makes Squid Rolls and Squid Surges easier to do and steadies your aim when firing after jumping. Any Barazushi, Emberz Inkline
Sub Quick Respawn Reduces respawn time after getting splatted repeatedly without splatting any opponents. Any Skalop Zink
Sub Quick Super Jump Increases Super Jump speed. Any Zink Tentatek
Sub Ink Recovery Up Increases ink-tank refill rate. Any Tentatek Firefin
Sub Run Speed Up Increases movement speed in Inkling or Octoling form. Any Rockenberg Splash Mob
Sub Special Charge Up Increases special-gauge fill rate. Any Takoroka Zekko, Emberz
Sub Special Power Up Upgrades your special weapon. Any Forge Takoroka
Sub Special Saver Reduces special-gauge decrease after getting splatted. Any Zekko Skalop, Annaki
Sub Sub Power Up Upgrades your sub weapon. Any Enperry Toni Kensa, Barazushi
Sub Sub Resistance Up Reduces effects and damage from sub weapons. Any Inkline Krak-On
Sub Swim Speed Up Increases movement speed in swim form. Any Krak-On Rockenberg
Main Opening Gambit Boosts your speed while moving for the first 30 seconds of battle. Headgear - -
Main Last-Ditch Effort Boosts ink-recovery rate and weapon-ink efficiency for the last 30 seconds of battle. Headgear - -
Main Tenacity Fills special gauge automatically if your team has fewer active players than the enemy. Headgear - -
Main Comeback Boosts some of your abilities for a short time after respawning. Headgear - -
Main Ninja Squid Leaves no trace when swimming in inked ground but slightly reduces swim speed. Clothing - -
Main Haunt Once you've respawned, reveals the position of the players who splatted you. Clothing - -
Main Thermal Ink Allows you to track distant players hit with shots from your main weapon. Clothing - -
Main Respawn Punisher Increases respawn time and special-gauge spawn penalty for you and any player you splat. Clothing - -
Main Ability Doubler Doubles the effect of other gear abilities attached to this gear. Clothing - -
Main Stealth Jump Hides your Super Jump landing point from distant players. Shoes - -
Main Object Shredder Increases damage dealt to all nonplayer targets. Shoes - -
Main Drop Roller Tilting the Left Stick during a Super Jump lets you perform a roll in that direction when landing. Shoes - -