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How to beat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P

Lies of P’s first real boss might cause you a bit of trouble

A giant police robot grabs Pinocchio in Lies of P Image: Neowiz
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The Scrapped Warden is the first real hurdle in Lies of P. This old police bot is massive, menacing, and mustachioed. He’s also electrified, and will mess you up fast if you let him.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to prepare for the Scrapped Warden boss fight and how to beat the Scrapped Warden in Lies of P. Once you master this battle, you’ll get a better grip on some subsequent fights too, like Fallen Archbishop Andreus.

How to prepare for the Scrapped Warden boss fight

The Scrapped Warden boss fight is early enough in Lies of P that you won’t have a ton of different build options to play around with.

Best weapon and handle for Scrapped Warden

The weapon crafting menu in Lies of P Image: Neowiz via Polygon

I ended up using the Electric Coil Stick Head and Electric Coil Stick Handle for my kill — even though the Scrapped Warden is, himself, electrified in phase 2. Despite this, I didn’t find damage to be my issues in my failed attempts, and after some very light experimenting it didn’t seem like he was taking too much reduced damage from my electric attacks — if any at all.

Ultimately use whatever your most upgraded weapon is at this stage of the game when resources are scare. But I like the Electric Coil Stick combo because it hits hard, yet has short animations that let you pivot to a block or a dodge relatively quickly.

Best parts for Scrapped Warden

In terms of parts, you shouldn’t have too many options just yet. Put on your most defensive items and don’t worry too much about your weight limit — you’ll need to run away a few times, but I was able to move around just fine at 59% encumbered (just 1% under the first weight penalty marker).

Best Legion Arm for Scrapped Warden

Pinocchio looks at his Legion arm in Lies of P Image: Neowiz via Polygon

Your Legion Arm here doesn’t really matter, as you only have the Left Arm of Steel and your Puppet String harpoon anyway. As you’ll see in the screens, I kept the harpoon arm on but never used it. In hindsight, the Left Arm of Steel does deal quite a bit of damage, so it might be worth trading out your harpoon if you’ve specced heavily into Legion usage or Motivity.

How to beat Scrapped Watchman boss fight phase 1

The Scrapped Watchman approaches Pinocchio in Lies of P Image: Neowiz via Polygon

The boss arena for the Scrapped Watchman is, graciously, a giant square. There’s nothing to impede your movement outside of the giant, killer robot trying to take you out.

When the fight starts, the Scrapped Watchman will land in the middle of the courtyard. He’s a melee fighter, like you, and will crawl on his arms and legs to reach you until you’re within range.

Scrapped Watchman phase 1 attacks

The Scrapped Watchman has a variety of different attack combos, which he’ll use throughout the entire fight.

Here are each of his moves in this phase and how to recognize them:

  • Spinning slam combo: The boss will spin up his arms in this drawn out attack, and slam them into you. Block the first two hits and back away from the third, as it’s unblockable.
  • Backhand shuffle: The boss crosses his hand in front of him and backhands you before jumping away. Block the hit.
  • The big scratch: The boss reaches his hand back and then slams it down on top of you. Stand in front of him and be ready to block it.
  • Quick combo: The boss starts swinging both of his hands wildly in your direction — usually two to four times — before finishing with one spinning slam. Take advantage of these predictable attacks and perfect guard each one to build up his stagger.
  • The right hook: The boss pull his right arm arm and quickly jabs it forward. Block it.

How to damage to the Scrapped Watchman in phase 1

The Scrapped Watchman falls over in Lies of P Image: Neowiz via Polygon

The Scrapped Watchman does have some punishing attacks, and he’ll mess you up quick if you’re not paying attention. But he does like to think quite a bit between his different moves, and they usually don’t combo together very well. This means that your main goal is surviving an attack and then wailing on him before he decides how he wants to hurt you next.

Once you’ve drained about a quarter of his health, his jaw will break with a minor explosion. This should allow you to wail on him extra hard for a few seconds.

If you’re blocking well, you should also be able to get off at least one stagger in this first phase. Once you hit him with the charge attack to stun him, try and hit him with a normal attack while he’s doubled over and then stand in the red circle to do your finishing move.

How to beat Scrapped Watchman boss fight phase 1

The Scrapped Watchman becomes electrified in Lies of P Image: Neowiz

Once you get him to a little bit over half health — about when you reach the text in his name — the Scrapped Watchman will arch his back like a lion and explode with electricity. You can block this move, but it’s best to distance yourself instead.

Once the Scrapped Watchman goes electric Super Saiyan, he’ll stay that way for the rest of the fight. In this altered state, he’ll gain some powerful new moves and add annoying electric effects to his old ones. Let’s go over it.

Scrapped Watchman phase 2 attacks

Once electrified, the Scrapped Watchman picks up quite a few new moves and adds some obnoxious electrical additions to his original slate of attacks.

Here are each of his phase 2 moves and how to recognize them:

  • Electrified leap slam: The boss jumps into the air and becomes unblockable. He deals damage when he lands and creates lightning puddles in a circle around him. Run away when you see him do this.
  • Cannonball: The boss jumps into the air and flings himself toward you. Block the attack like you’re bunting a baseball.
  • Electric rain: After a cannonball, the boss will arc lightning from his back, creating lightning puddles around the arena, which explode a few seconds later. Run away from the boss and watch your footing.
  • The claw: The boss slowly pulls his right arm back, waits for a moment, and moves to grab you. If this hits, it deals a massive amount of damage, so run away from the boss when he makes this move.
  • Electrified right hook: This movie is unchanged from phase 1. However, it looks very, very similar to the claw, which makes it more of a gamble to try and block. Assume it’s the claw and run.
  • Lightning roar: Much like the start of this phase, the Scrapped Watchman can arc his back and create an electrical storm around him. You can block this attack and then hit the boss a few times.
  • Electrified spinning slam: This version of the move operates almost identically to the phase 1 version, but now each slam leaves a lightning puddle. Circle around to his side to get some damage in and avoid the explosions.
  • Electrified quick combo: This move is unchanged from phase 1. However, the final slam does leave an electric puddle, so react accordingly.
  • Unblockable backhand shuffle: This move is the same as the backhand shuffle in phase 1. However, now it’s unblockable, so you’ll need to step back.

How to damage to the Scrapped Watchman in phase 2

The Scrapped Watchman is staggered in Lies of P Image: Neowiz

Outside of his overall lethality, the fight doesn’t change all that much in phase 2. You’ll still be attacking him in the same windows, you just have to watch your feet after you hit to make sure you don’t need to sidestep some lightning.

Phase 2 is, on the whole, slower than phase 1, mostly because you’ll need to back away from the boss and disengage more often. So, as is the case with so many bosses in games like Lies of P, patience is the key to victory here. Wait for the boss to use moves that are easily counter-able, like his quick combo.

Once you finally take this boss down, you’ll be able to build a new Stargazer in the middle of the courtyard and head back to Hotel Krat.

Congratulations on taking down the Scrapped Watchman!

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