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Party Animals codes list to redeem from the item shop

Use these codes in the Party Animals store to get some free loot

The Party Animals Surprise Egg machine with lots of colored capsules inside Image: Recreate Games via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

Party Animals, the fluffy fist-throwing game, is available on PC and Xbox and you can redeem some free in-game loot if you have codes.

Since Party Animal’s main method of obtaining cosmetics focuses on paying real-life money, getting free stuff is always welcomed. We’ll keep this list updated with more codes as we run into them.

Party Animals codes list

The list of currently active codes (and what they reward) are as follows:

  • “Beardbox” (Reward: Kiko common skin)
  • “JOSHANDKATO” (Reward: Kato common skin)
The Kiko skin in Party Animals — a black and white cat in a vest and an eyepatch based off of a real life cat. Image: Recreate Games via Polygon
Kato, a fluffy dog wearing a blue bow tie, as seen in Party Animals Image: Recreate Games via Polygon

If you’re getting a network error when you submit your code, just keep trying until it works. This happens sometimes and it took us several tries to redeem some of these outfits.

How to redeem codes in Party Animals

In the item shop, you’ll notice a small button with a ticket on it that says “redeem” at the top right of the menu. Here, you can redeem codes that are handed out through promotional material (like social media channels) for free stuff.

The Party Animals shop with a soda machine on the right side Image: Recreate Games via Polygon

Outside of codes, how do cosmetics and unlocks in Party Animals work? Cookies (the bone-shaped biscuits) can be used to buy specific outfits in the shop. Nemo Bucks (the dollars) can be used to both buy specific outfits in the shop or spend on the Surprise Egg machine — a gacha-esque machine that rewards you with random exclusive skins that you can only get from the Surprise Egg machine. You can also convert Nemo Bucks to Cookies, if you need them. It doesn’t appear that outfits you buy with Nemo Bucks can be bought with Cookies or vice-versa, but this could change in the future.