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Halo franchise executive leaves 343 Industries in latest shakeup

Master Chief is here to teach you how to file your taxes

Halo Infinite season 3 is gonna bring everyone back to Halo Infinite

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Halo dropped the ball on Cortana’s villainous turn

One area of Halo 5’s campaign showed so much potential, in retrospect

343 Industries denies reports it’s not making Halo games anymore

Ex-Halo developers slam ‘incompetent leadership’ after layoffs

Halo Infinite’s last update of 2022 is quietly one of its biggest

Halo Infinite’s big winter update is available now

There is a secret version of the Halo show that is full of puppets

Halo Infinite’s new Forge mode finally makes the game infinite

Halo Infinite co-op and Forge open beta coming in November

Halo boss Bonnie Ross steps down as head of 343 Industries

Pour one out for Halo Infinite’s split-screen co-op

Halo Infinite campaign co-op won’t offer online matchmaking

Halo Infinite campaign co-op launches in public testing

Halo Infinite melee bugs aren’t fixed because devs are working on other things

Halo: The Master Chief Collection might get ‘Spartan Points’ microtransactions

The Halo series never cared about aliens, and so it never got weird

Master Chief just had sex

Halo Infinite’s new season off to a ‘bumpy’ start, by 343’s own admission

Halo Infinite’s Pelican hijacking glitch got fixed, and players aren’t happy

The Halo show is finally making a case for its Master Chief

Halo Infinite season 2 getting King of the Hill and two more new game modes

Halo Infinite season 2 maps give off classic Halo vibes in first preview video

Microsoft recruits Certain Affinity to help with Halo Infinite

Halo: Master Chief Collection update adds Flood Firefight mode

You can watch the Halo TV series’s first episode for free

Master Chief had to take his helmet off early in the Halo TV series, according to the actor who plays him

The Halo TV show is the ultimate battle between story and lore

The one thing we all agree on about the Halo TV series is that we all have thoughts

The Halo series’ creators saw a world beyond the games — and Master Chief

Halo Infinite co-op won’t launch with season 2

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