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Apparently Zelda stole Link’s house in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

OK but it looks better now

An image of Link in standing in front of his house in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon
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Maybe the splendor of Hyrule Castle wasn’t enough for Princess Zelda, or perhaps it was just a bit pretentious for her tastes. Regardless of the reason, Zelda doesn’t live there anymore. That’s because she’s moved into Link’s house in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom. No, it’s not that the two finally moved in together after millenniums of fighting evil and, you know, saving Hyrule countless times in different incarnations. It just seems like Zelda kicked Link out of his own home in Hateno Village, moved in, and redecorated.

Link got the house as part of a quest in Breath of the Wild. After it’s unlocked, there isn’t a whole lot you can do with the place. Link, like the giga Chad warrior he is, simply decorated his old place by hanging weapons on the walls and turning it into a mini armory. There is a slightly practical reason behind that, sure — you can store a nice set of weapons and go and get them whenever you want. (I personally just left them there.)

In contrast to Link’s version, the house now feels like a home, thanks to the feminine touch of Zelda. The table now has a lovely tea set with fresh flowers as a centerpiece. She’s also filled the place with photos of the people and lands of Hyrule. I’d like to think they are her own photos that she’s taken with the Sheikah Slate and Purah Pad over the years. It’s absolutely lovely, and if you want to tear up a bit, you can go upstairs and see a photo of her, Link, and the champions from Breath of the Wild who had passed away.

Just so you know, a colleague of mine did not have this photo in the home, so it’s possible it’s some sort of Easter egg for folks with save data from Breath of the Wild or the Champions Ballad DLC. But if you want to see it now, here’s what it looks like:

An image of Link standing in Zelda’s house. He is looking at a photo that is a group picture of him, Zelda, and the four champions from Breath of the Wild. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

We know Zelda moved in because there is only one single twin bed, and the desk has her journal on it. In it, she talks about the development of Hateno and the spirit of the people of Hyrule as everyone seeks to rebuild after the Calamity. Again, since there is only one twin bed, this suggests that Zelda didn’t just move in with Link; rather, that she has taken the house over completely. It’s kind of a flex, because I am imagining a fictional scenario where Link hands it over to her as the self-sacrificing guy he is. Regardless, I like what she’s done with the place.

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