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Manga and anime are buy one, get one 50% off at Barnes & Noble

Oda’s AI-‘written’ One Piece chapter weirdly makes sense

Jimmy Choo’s Sailor Moon collection lets you punish your haters in the name of the moon

Netflix’s Pluto anime adaptation looks incredibly intense

Loving One Piece has never been so exhausting

Trigun Stampede’s Vash is a top contender for anime’s hottest boi in 2023

Should I read the Chainsaw Man manga after the anime?

10 surprising movies that directly inspired Chainsaw Man

Hunter x Hunter manga returning this month

Dandadan is a feast for any shonen manga reader’s eyes

Mob Psycho 100 season 3 keeps pushing its hero beyond the limits of shonen anime

It’s the perfect time to read the Genshin Impact manga

At long last, the Hunter x Hunter manga returns in November

Fist of the North Star gets a... boxing exercise game?

Mangasplaining is the podcast that turned me into a big bad manga boy

Don’t judge One Piece by its anime

Crunchyroll bought a leading anime store, and now you can’t buy hentai there anymore

Detroit: Become Human’s manga spinoff might do better by the game’s great premise

Rejoice, Chainsaw gang, there’s finally a new chapter of Chainsaw Man

Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi dies at 60

9 classic, steamy reads for teens to pass around the camp cabin

One Piece celebration stream promises game, anime, and manga news in July

Adult Swim’s Uzumaki adaptation has been delayed again

One Piece manga will take one-month break ahead of story conclusion

Spy x Family’s Anya is taking over the manga multiverse

The Hunter x Hunter manga may finally be back

Doraemon became a cultural icon by mastering every genre

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It’s Yu-Gi-Oh’s world, and we’re stuck living in it

Yu-Gi-Oh! has become an unintentionally d-d-d-d-dark predictor of our modern times

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My ancient tablet finally let me read manga in peace

Chainsaw Man creator’s new one-shot is available free, for now

Black swords have deep meaning in Demon Slayer and anime beyond

I want Demon Slayer’s buff mice to carry me off into the distance

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