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Former Marvel EIC Joe Quesada leaps over to DC

She-Hulk transforms a loveable Marvel Comics loser into a total manchild

Daredevil’s been born again as a Marvel nice guy — but can he be serious in the MCU?

Werewolf by Night slays with ghoulish and cheesy style

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Yes, Werewolf by Night is MCU canon — weird, weird canon

The Disney Plus horror special

Spider-Man got to talk to a resurrected Gwen Stacy for 5 minutes, and it was sweet

Namor is more than just Black Panther’s villain

The new Black Panther trailer has basically revealed who the new Black Panther is

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Black Panther 2 trailer’s new Iron Man is the one and only Ironheart

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer hints at the hero’s new identity

Wolverine in Deadpool 3 sounds like an apology for the worst X-Men movie

Marvel’s Armor Wars now envisioned as an Iron Man-level movie

She-Hulk just assembled Marvel’s most D-list supervillain squad

Marvel’s Blade movie reboot abruptly loses its director

Deadpool 3 won’t mess with Wolverine’s death in Logan, swear Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

Deadpool 3 will bring back Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

God declares Hawkeye slightly more valuable than ‘a randomly chosen mailbox’

What we learned at Marvel’s secret screening of Werewolf By Night

Here’s the first glimpse of Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ PC port in action

She-Hulk’s new cameo nods to the greatest Avengers team of all time

EA is making an Iron Man video game

The Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals just fought a god, and the god won

Release the Avongers shirt from She-Hulk

She-Hulk keeps outdoing itself with Marvel deep cuts

The Scarlet Witch is getting a new comic where she runs a magic shop

The MCU has its work cut out for it with Sabra, Marvel’s Israeli Captain America

The Thunderbolts are the MCU’s answer to the Suicide Squad

All the ways the Marvel movies have already hinted that the X-Men exist

All the Marvel trailers and news out of this year’s D23

The Thunderbolts team for Marvel’s upcoming movie has been revealed

Marvel’s Secret Invasion pulls all the MCU’s spies into one intergalactic crisis

Captain America 4 will bring back The Leader from Incredible Hulk as its villain

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