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Monday Funnies

X-Men’s best throwaway character returns to destroy mutant government

The Kingpin is exploiting immigration law to become a citizen of the X-Men’s paradise

Beast became the X-Men’s Henry Kissinger, so Wolverine put a stop to him

The Last of Us’ Cordyceps nightmare is already at work in Batman comics

The next generation of Blade comics has big Buffy vibes

Mister Sinister makes destroying the X-Men, Avengers, Eternals, and Thanos look downright fabulous

The most toxic X-Man put a stop to nuclear war

There’s already a perfect sequel to Prey right under Disney’s nose

The Joker is pregnant, and there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why

Batman fell off the moon and, boy, he’s pissed

Marvel’s newest mutant is the actual Sherlock Holmes

Marvel Comics just solved the MCU’s Eternals problem, if anyone wants to fix it

There’s a Skrull in the Avengers’ unisex bathroom

The Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals finally defeated god, and now they have a new one

The MCU’s newest superhero just got her hands on one of Marvel universe’s worst WMDs

One man must stop the apocalypse... by time traveling back to kill Christopher Columbus

Spider-Man got to talk to a resurrected Gwen Stacy for 5 minutes, and it was sweet

God declares Hawkeye slightly more valuable than ‘a randomly chosen mailbox’

The Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals just fought a god, and the god won

Batman’s alternate personality with terrible fashion sense is back with a vengeance

A new Sandman comic pits the Corinthian against the angel who invented Mormonism

The Marvel universe’s future is suddenly in the hands of Thanos’ kid brother

Marvel Comics’ summer crossover goes full anime: teaming up to fight god

This is what happens if you literally put Wolverine and Deadpool in a blender

The new Justice League lineup sucks

Now we finally know what Batman thinks about the Purge movies

One of Batman’s most obscure villains just made her comics debut at a roller derby rink

Superman’s dad has stepped up to fill one of Gotham City’s most important roles

It’s Doctor Doom’s multiverse of madness, and we’re all just living in it

New DC comic has Riddler committing his most heinous crime yet: starting a podcast

There’s something very ironic about the Avengers’ newest recruit

Lois Lane is more dangerous now than she’s ever been

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