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Knock at the Cabin makes Cabin in the Woods an even better movie

John Wick 4 director remembers the ‘magic’ of Lance Reddick on set: ‘literally infectious’

Keanu Reeves ‘believes he is John Wick while making John Wick’

Lady Gaga steps out as Harley Quinn in Joker 2 set photos

23 great movies leaving Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and HBO Max at the end of March 2023

Knock at the Cabin, Nope, Netflix’s Furies, and every other movie you can stream from home this weekend

Inside Avatar: The Way of Water’s incredible process for matching Spider to the Na’vi

Can’t wait for the new Mission: Impossible movie? Just watch the Bollywood spy blockbuster Pathaan

The best movies on Netflix right now

The John Wick movies’ real message: Wealth is violence

Robert Downey wants to star in a remake of one of the greatest films of all time

John Wick: Chapter 4’s tiny post-credits scene keeps the franchise’s action rolling

The Room director Tommy Wiseau made a new shark movie, or maybe… underwear ad?

All the John Wick: Chapter 5 news so far

What to watch after The Last of Us to keep the good-bad vibes going

The best comedies you’ll find on streaming right now

The 5 best horror movies to watch on Netflix this March

Brandy’s Cinderella will reunite with her prince for new Descendants movie

10 questions about The Star Wars Holiday Special answered in a new documentary

The best new movie on every streaming service

Parasite becomes Letterboxd’s first film to hit 1 million 5-star ratings as a new canon takes shape

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Disney may never live down Song of the South — or its attempted do-over

Splash Mountain’s closure is just the most recent attempt to rewrite Disney history

Shazam! 2 blame game heats up as star tags The Rock, Zack Snyder fans

Scream VI directors say the series can’t just focus on horror anymore

Criterion is having a 50% off sale on DVDs, 4K Blu-rays, and collections

The best action movies on Netflix from around the world

When will Shazam! Fury of the Gods come to HBO Max?

David Lynch knew how to make moments go viral before ‘going viral’ was a thing

Shazam! 2’s opening weekend is DC’s biggest box office flop

9 Keanu Reeves movies that reveal the many faces of John Wick

Unicorn Wars’ Alberto Vázquez explains his deeply upsetting take on Care Bears

Best horror movies of 2023, ranked by scariness

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