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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’s NYCC season finale trailer reveals Sauron

Overwatch 2 bug is forcing some players into accidentally buying skins

Former Marvel EIC Joe Quesada leaps over to DC

This stream has:

All the big NYCC 2022 announcements in one place

Splatoon 3’s newest Splatfest wades into a hot Pokémon debate

Kojima Productions teases new game starring Elle Fanning

The His Dark Materials season 3 trailer brings the wild Amber Spyglass to life

Nintendo reminds us Pilotwings 64 is coming to Switch in the sexiest way possible

No Man’s Sky’s new patch streamlines the game for Switch launch

Legend of Vox Machina season 2 first-look footage is all dragon fury

The Super Mario Bros. Movie gets the games’ pathetic penguins just right

Overwatch 2 going offline as Blizzard rolls out fixes

Jack Black’s Bowser is the best part of the Mario movie so far

Now watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie in Italian, per favore

The Owl House NYCC panel eulogized a brilliant show cut short: ‘We did our best’

Bungie finally announces a nerf for Destiny 2’s most talked about Exotic

Chris Pratt’s Mario voice has a, uh, vaguely Italian thing going on, sure

You can now buy someone, anyone (me?) a Steam Deck without any wait

The Owl House witches face the human world in this exclusive NYCC clip

Axis & Allies and other classic Avalon Hill board games will soon have a new publisher

How to watch the Mario movie trailer during today’s Nintendo Direct

Pokémon’s new Girafarig evolution is going to give me nightmares

Need for Speed Unbound leaves last-gen consoles behind, emphasizes style and speed

Beat Saber’s Lizzo pack actually includes all the best Lizzo songs

New Pokémon are hidden in the Scarlet and Violet trailer

You can make elaborate sandwiches for Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s new trailer shows new Girafarig evolution, Pokémon picnics

Blizzard axes Overwatch 2 phone number requirement in update on game’s rocky launch

Hit colony sim Rimworld’s next expansion will let you have kids (finally)

Dungeons & Dragons fans can compete to turn their campaign into a Lego set

A viral Stranger Things Halloween display has caused chaos in Illinois

EA’s new Need for Speed leaks, looks full-on anime

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